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水は無菌ではありません。 水にはレジオネラ菌​​​​​​​などの細菌が含まれていることがあり、それが重い病気や死を招く場合もあります。最近のレジオネラ症の流行は特定の地域に限ったことではなく、その影響はあらゆる業種に及ぶ恐れがあります。


水の安全のグローバルリーダーとして 30 年以上の実績を持つナルコ ウォーターに、レジオネラ菌のリスク管理・緩和はお任せください。

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New NSW Legionella Legislation Released

NSW Health has released a new standardized approach to managing water-cooling systems in NSW. The new legislation introduces significant changes to the current regulations on cooling tower systems and will impact every organization in NSW.

As an industry expert, Nalco Water has been involved in all NSW Health discussion meetings to ensure we are fully across the new regulation and the impact this will have on your business.


With increased liability concerns, many facilities are facing the need to develop effective prevention programs for waterborne pathogens, such as Legionella. 

We offer continuous supplemental disinfection systems and monitoring services for potable water and other water systems as part of a managed program to control microbial hazards such as Legionella.

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施設の水管理計画なら、ナルコ ウォーターにご相談ください。ナルコ ウォーターでは、ASHRAE 規格 188 の要件に準拠しながら、カスタマイズ型のプラン開発を行っており、水の安全に関する当社の豊富なノウハウを計画に反映させています。これこそが、計画の管理、検証、有効性判断といった継続的なプロセスが盛り込まれたレジオネラ菌のリスク管理のロードマップとなります。レジオネラ菌のリスクを低減するためのステップをいくつかご紹介します。

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Legionella Control Strategies

Once your Water Management Plan is in place, the results of your routine Legionella testing and your oxidant residual and water temperature monitoring may indicate a need for implementing a more robust control strategy. Whether those steps require short-term remediation, such as hyperchlorination or thermal eradication, or long-term control strategies, such as supplemental disinfection, point-of-use water filters or even a cooling tower system protocol, you need an experienced partner in water safety to provide guidance.

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Infection Control Today

Potable and utility water systems in healthcare settings are reservoirs and vectors of HAIs resulting in pneumonias, bacteremias and a variety of infections. 

Read this article published in the February 2018 issue of Infection Control Today, written by our Water Safety experts, to learn more.

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